Kodas: C04-0009

Minelab Coiltek 15" All Terrain Search Coil (Minelab E-Series)


Fully Submersible 15" Search Coil from Coiltek, Compatible with Minelab E-Series. Includes Cable and Fitted Coil Cover

The 15" All Terrain WOT Coil by Coiltek is a solid performer that works great when paired with numerous Minelab metal detectors - the Explorer, ETRAC, Safari or the Minelab Quattro. With its larger size, depth performance increases of up to 30% has been achieved when using the 15" All Terrain WOT coil. Due to its size, the 15" All Terrain Coil is ideal for use in open terrain areas like beaches and fields, and is best used slowly to maximize this coil’s superior coverage. Comes with cable and fitted coil cover.

  • 15" in Diameter
  • Fully Submersible
  • Compatible with Minelab E-Series
  • Increased Depth Performance of up to 30%


Modelis Safari / E-Trac
Ritės tipas DD
Dažnis 1.5 - 100 kHz
Išmatavimai 37 cm
Svoris 747 g
Tipas Ritė

⚬ Išankstinis užsakymas, galima 4-9 dienas
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