Kodas: 3011-0072

Minelab 8" Round Mono Commander Search Coil GPX / GP / SD (3011-0072)


Suitable for GPX and older GP and SD series metal detectors. The 8" Monoloop coil is extremely sensitive to the smallest gold nuggets and is ideal for working around rocks and trees.

The most sensitive of the Commander Coils, to small gold, the 8-inch round provides the best depth on sub gram nuggets in light to moderately mineralised soils. A popular coil for use on old diggings, it is also a great coil for detecting in heavy vegetation.
Water resistant: May be splashed, washed, used in drizzling rain, or moved through wet grass. Must not be submersed under water.
Compatible: GPX 4800, GPX 5000 and earlier SD and GP models. 


Modelis GPX / GP / SD
Ritės tipas Mono
Dažnis ZVT
Išmatavimai 20.3 cm
Svoris 565 g
Tipas Ritė

⚬ Per 7-14 dienų po užsakymo
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