Kodas: C04-0016

Minelab CTX 3030 10"x5" DD search coil (C04-0016)


Fully Submersible 5x10" Search Coil from Coiltek, Designed for the Minelab CTX-3030

Utilising the Minelab CTX technology this coil is fully approved and tested to the highest standard. Now offering more choice for the CTX3030 user the 10 x 5" coil provides excellent sensitivity and target separation complementing the detectors ability. Fully submersible to 3 metres this coil matches the detectors submersible capabilities. This coil makes pinpointing easy, conveying an accurate location for fast retrieval.

  • Coil Type: Elliptical DD
  • Part Number: C04-0016
  • Weight: 530 grams

TOP 10 Performance Points:
  • Fully submersible coil to 3 metres
  • Very light weight for all day use
  • Excellent Pinpointing
  • Ultra-sensitive to small, closer to the surface targets
  • Good depth capabilities for a small coil
  • Excellent target separation in areas of high trash
  • Very manoeuvrable in tight areas
  • Great coil for sites with high trash
  • Robust Design
  • Includes Skid plate and Nut & Bolt


Modelis CTX 3030
Ritės tipas DD
Dažnis 1.5 - 100 kHz
Išmatavimai 25x12 cm
Svoris 700 g
Tipas Ritė

⚬ Per 7-14 dienų po užsakymo
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Garantija 2 metai